Anastagia Chats with Prince Harry

Never could she have imagined that a comment said in jest would have landed her in the international spotlight in such an incredible manner. The international media were all in tow on Monday to get a photo with Miss Bahamas Universe Anastagia Pierre and HRH Prince Harry together, after widely reporting that the beauty queen had plans to hitch the prince. And they got their wish during a private luncheon at which the prince met a select few of the country’s youth leaders, including Anastagia and Miss World Bahamas Sasha Joyce.

Cameras flashed as if it were a red carpet premier as the prince was introduced to the Bahamian beauty. “The minister presented me to him as the one everybody ’s been talking about,” said Anastagia. “He said, ‘So you’re the one?’ I said, ‘It was supposed to be light-hearted but it has been blown out of all proportion’. He said, ‘It always is’.” The two also talked about the role of beauty queens, and Anastagia used the opportunity to dispel a myth. “He asked me if it was all about world peace as people always think,” Ms Pierre said. “I replied that it’s more about charity work.”

Their encounter was brief, but not brief enough to deter the international press who seemed determined to run with the story. It seems that Anastagia is on the way to becoming an international celebrity by declaring Harry was “hot” and joking that she was there to fall in love with him. When a call came from US weekly seeking her whereabouts, we knew it had gone to another level. As the reporter explained, “We cover everything celebrity and entertainment, and we’d like to talk to the queen about her encounter with the prince.” We were told the article would appear on their website, and possibly in their magazine.

Anastagia attends the Youth Rally in honor of Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, the media worldwide continues to focus on the “couple”, as some have referred to them. From India, to Australia, London to New York, the story has taken on a life of its own. Since the story broke, Anastagia has been on television in London, the US, the Netherlands, Australia, India, and Belgium just to name a few, and featured in over 30 publications around the world including Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, Jamaica, Ireland, and Poland! While some Bahamians appear to be miffed about the whole thing, the international media can’t seem to get enough of their newest darling, Miss Bahamas Universe Anastagia Pierre.

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The following video, courtesy of The Telegraph, captures their brief encounter.

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